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2016 DVT RSAT Meeting

DVT Local Runway Safety Action Team

On September 15, DVPA Board Members George Zukauckas and Richard Schmidt attended the annual DVT Local Runway Safety Action Team (LRSAT) meeting.  This meeting is chaired by our ATC Tower management team and Ed Faron, DVT Airport Manager.  Participants also included representatives of the FAA FSDO, the DVT flight schools, Cutter Aviation, Phoenix PD, the Warbirds community, the FAA Safety Team and DVT Airport Operations.

The primary objective of the team is to reduce incidents of runway incursions/excursions by increasing awareness in the airport user community and continue an open dialogue on this important safety topic.  The team reviewed all of the incidents that occurred over the past year and updated the team’s action plan for the next year.  We have a link to the detailed presentation used at the meeting on our website, and we encourage all of our members to review the presentation.

In summary, we had 17 incidents in the last 12 months.  The Tower and the FSDO keep track of the causes, including those caused by ATC action, ground vehicles entering movement areas without clearances, and also Pilot Deviations.  The statistics show that 100% of the incidents this last year were caused by pilot deviations!  Furthermore, only three of the incidents involved the flight school aircraft, and only two were transient aircraft.  The remaining 15 incidents all involved aircraft and pilots based here at Deer Valley.  That’s us, fellow members! Keep in mind that, while 17 incidents out of nearly 400,000 total operations last year is a very small percentage, any one of those incidents could have very easily ended in a collision.

The FAA’s data shows that many, if not most, incursions involve these factors:

  • Breakdown in communications
  • Unfamiliar with the airport
  • Loss of situational awareness
  • Complacency
  • Normalization (acceptance) of deviation from standard procedures and regulations

The incidents at DVT showed mostly items 3 and 4 being involved.  In fact, several were instances where the pilot taxied to the assigned runway in accordance with instruction from the ground controller, stopped at the hold bars, then preceded through the hold bars without a clearance from the tower.  It’s almost like “right turn on red after stop” applied on the airport.

The Team took several action items for the next year.  One that DVPA is supporting is a WINGS seminar on runway incursion to be presented by our local FAAST team, coming up soon.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

View the Local RSAT Meeting Presentation

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