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Unattended Battery Maintainers Approved! - August 25, 2017

To:  Deer Valley Pilot's Association Members and Airport Tenants

It's been a long time coming, and it's here!  The Deer Valley Pilots Association and the City of Phoenix Aviation Department are pleased to announce that the unattended use of selected battery maintainers to maintain the charge level of the batteries installed in our aircraft is now APPROVED by the city Aviation Department and the city Fire Marshal.

You must fill out and submit the City's request and authorization form (linked below) to the airport manager's office and post an approved copy in your hangar.  You can review the detailed requirements on the City's Deer Valley Airport website in the Tenants section for details, or talk with the the the Airport Manager's office.

City's Deer Valley Airport website in the Tenants section

Battery Maintainer Information

Here is a brief summary of what you need:

A UL-Listed, fully automated, low energy battery maintainer. 

  • The device is to be connected directly to the AC power outlet in your hangar without using an extension cord.
  • The device must be equipped with UL-Listed DC cabling using polarized DC connectors to connect the battery maintainer to the aircraft.
  • The device and the DC connectors must be kept out of the Hazard Zone (5 feet from the fuel cells and engines, 18 inches off the floor) at all times.
  • DVPA and the city have identified two suppliers' products that meet the specification. Be sure to mention Phoenix Deer Valley Airport when you order:

Schauer Model JAC0512-DVPA (12 volt), Schauer Model JAC0524-DVPA (24 volt).  These units come with a 40 foot DC cable extension that meets the specification. 

VDC Corp BatteryMinder Model 244CEC1 series or 128CEC1 series. You must also order the 50 foot DC extension cable.  You can contact BatteryMinder to have your existing unit modified to meet the specification.

A direct, polarized, plug-in connection in the aircraft to attach the DC cable from the battery maintainer to the aircraft electrical system. 

  • No alligator clips are permitted
  • This connector must also be outside the Hazard Zone (5 feet from the fuel cells and engines, 18 inches off the floor).
  • For most aircraft, the best place to locate this connector will be in the aft baggage compartment. 
  • Your A&P will need to install or approve the installation of this connection as a MINOR MODIFICATION.  No STC or 337 is required for most aircraft. 
  • A simple kit consisting of the matching DC connector for either manufacturer's maintainer, an in-line fuse holder, ring connectors and detailed installation instructions is available from Audio Authority, part number BM-AIK1. 

Referenced devices: 

Schauer Models JAC0512-DVPA, JAC0524-DVPA, includes Extended DC Cable
(1-800-899-8658), Ext. 13

BatteryMINDer Model 244CEC1 series (24 volt) or Model 128CEC1 Series (12 volt), plus Extended DC Cable

Audio Authority Airframe Interface Kit, Model BM-AIK1 or equivalent:

Links to the detailed documents:

If you have any questions, please email DVPA at  We're happy to help!