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Hangar Inspections

DVPA works closely with airport management investigating and developing improvements to the yearly inspection process. Goals are to reduce the uncertainties and anxiety tenants experience each year and develop a consistant process.  Initial results from the 2013 hangar inspections are being tallied.  Many of the reasons for the inspection failures are very basic and can easily be avoided.  Here is the 2013 version of “David Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons for Failing a Hangar Inspection!”

    •  10.   Unauthorized electrical modifications
    •    9.   Unattended electrical chargers/tug in prescribed safety zone
    •    8.   Poor Housekeeping - spills, debris
    •    7.   Oxygen cylinder not secured properly
    •    6.   Refrigerator not properly elevated
    •    5.   Electrical modifications - items stuck in operator buttons
    •    4.   Refrigerators on extension cords
    •    3.   Unauthorized building modifications
    •    2.   Use of unattended extension cords

And the NUMBER ONE reason for failing a hangar inspection is

    •    1.   Non Aviation Items stored


DVPA strongly feels that the majority of inspection failures can be easily eliminated by avoiding the above “Top Ten” reasons.



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