The Officers


Richard Schmidt


Richard Schmidt is a Commercial pilot, CFI-A&I, A&P/IA, and a FAASTeam Representative. He owns a Beech B55 Baron and a Van's RV-8A. He enjoys formation flying, and flies as a charter pilot in Barons and King Airs at Southwest Aircraft Charter.  Richard has led DVPA’s effort with the City on Battery Maintainers and the re-write of the GA Handbook and the Independent Mechanics and Flight Instructor regulations. 

M Goldfarb.jpg

Martin Goldfarb

Vice President

Martin has been a DVPA board member since 2019 and believes a strong tenant association is vital to the success of Deer Valley Airport.  As a former part 135 charter operator based on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, he flew clients across the eastern US from Florida to Maine with the common goal of getting them to and from Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard resort islands. Since he began his  aviation career in 1969, he has added ATP, CFI-A/G/I and A&P, IA certificates. In retirement, he has flown charitable flights to Mexico for LIGA International and local conservation flights for Lighthawk. Presently, he flys his Piper Seneca and the 1948 Piper Vagabond he purchased in 1975 from the busiest GA airport in the US.

Will W.jpg

Will Worthington


Will is a registered civil engineer in AZ and CA and retired after supervising much of the planning and design of the Central Arizona Project.  He also retired after 30 years in the Army and Arizona Army National Guard.  He has over 5,000 hours as pilot in command and holds commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. Will’s flies his Cessna 182 RG for business and pleasure, and for numerous conservation organizations throughout North America as a volunteer pilot for LightHawk, a non-profit aviation and conservation organization for whom he also serves as member of the board of directors.  He and Sandy recently celebrated their 55th anniversary and enjoy their home in Carefree.


Tim Barrios


I am a semi-retired Software Engineer, having moved from Louisiana to Arizona to work in Phoenix Deer Valley area right out of college a very long time ago. My high school sweetheart wife and I have twoadult children, who now live in Denver and Austin. We fly ourselves often to visit them and our families in Louisiana. I took my first lesson then learned to fly at Deer Valley Airport back in the early
90s. I continued my flight training obtaining my instrument, commercial, and multi-engine ratings in part to fly our young family to Louisiana and assist various charities including Flights for Life, Angel Flight West (currently Arizona Wing Leader) and Pilots & Paws. I have owned planes in partnerships based at Deer Valley Airport from the time I obtained my private certificate in the early 90s, including
a Cherokee, a Skylane, an Aztec, and now a Malibu.

The Board Members


Ron Diedrichs

Concentration in Human Resources Management, MBA Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, 1983. Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), AsMA Board Cert. Aerospace
Physiology, Aerospace Medicine, Human Factors Engineering, Man/Machine Systems Design & Integration (Avionics, RAAS, EGPWS, FMS, TCAS, Fly-by Wire), Technical Product Risk Analysis, Loss Prevention Control & Engineering


FLIGHT EXPERIENCE – 7800+ Hours – C150/172/177, T37/T38, KC135/RC135, B727,
A320/340, and Beech B36TC. Arizona State University, Faculty Instructor: Safety, Accident Investigation / NTSB, Aerospace Physiology & Human Factors,
Altitude Chamber. Director Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine. Type Ratings A320 & A340 Type rating B707 via FSDO & USAF History. Current FAA Safety Representative for Scottsdale FSDO, and Aerospace Human Factors Consulting LLC. Manager Flight Technical Services Honeywell International, Aerospace Electronics. Trans World Airlines Pilot. United States Air Force, Lt Col,


Randy Eary

Biography Coming Soon

Jim Garner

A&P, I.A., Certified Repair Station, Private Pilot with Instrument Rating. I fly a Cessna 205 for about 150 hrs. a year. Current DVT SASO, 2 companies, Av8tor Avionics, that performs Transponder and Altimeter 2 year CERTs, and Garner Group, that consults on other Aircraft Issues. Past Contractor and Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Inspector. Operated an Aircraft Maintenance Shop in Payson for 17 years. One of 7 original Directors of Payson Regional Airport Authority, that ran Payson Airport for 4 years. Married, long, long time and live in Chandler, AZ Area.

I would like to provide my vast Aviation and Building Code experience in dealing with Airport Tenant Issues. Work with the Airport Administration in resolving issues, by having the documents to support DVPA position. I have always expressed my opinions on many Boards that I have been a part of, but I also support whatever those Boards determine to be their positions.


Paul Hejja

Married to 1st wife, Julia since finishing residency
* Interests: playing the fiddle with my Bluegrass band, photography and computing
* Non interests: paying bills
* Anesthesiologist licensed in Arizona since 1977
* Locum tenens practice since 2001; incl academic and private practice
* Finished training at KDVT 1979 (old Westwind bldg)
* Aircraft owned C-182 (1979 thru 1981) and a
Pressurized Cessna P210N (1983 to present)
* KDVT tenant 1979 thru 1997, 2014 to present
* Private pilot license with instrument rating for over 40 years
* Board membership interrupted by work schedule out of state a few years ago

If elected to DVPA Board of Directors
* I would like to recruit more members
* Guest speaker bureau (when pandemic abates) and dealing with CDC guidelines
* Working to get food services re-established at the Terminal bldg
* Explore additional maintenance facilities and FBOs for the airport
* Discuss how tenants and aviation schools on the field continue to coexist equitably
* Safer fueling platform at the self serve


Michael Klein

Biography Coming Soon


Gear Misner

My name is Gear Misner and my family includes my beautiful wife Chelsey, our two daughters, Reagan and
Avery, and our two dogs Bandit (a German Shepherd) and Penny (a Chow/Lab mix). I am a Phoenix native and attended the University of Arizona. After college I joined a very small IT company in the Valley where I was the first employee. Since then, we’ve grown the company to around 100 employees and I am currently the Director of Collaboration Products and Services. I manage a team that focuses on advanced voice and video technologies including basic voice communication, call center, emergency communications, and high-end video conferencing.

I’ve had a strong interest in aviation all my life. I always enjoyed learning about airplanes, attending air shows,
helping my step dad with his RC airplanes etc., but my general aviation journey just started very recently. I set a goal in 2020 to get my PPL, which I finally accomplished in December. With the support of my wife and girls, I purchased a Cessna 150 and plan to continue with my instrument and commercial ratings. When I’m not flying, I enjoy spending time restoring a 1969 F-250, watching football, exploring new restaurants with my family, and target shooting.

Lincoln Ragsdale, Jr.

I am an Arizona native. Started flying with my father as a young man and would help navigate using the aviation charts, help work the radios and VOR stations. My grandparents lived in Ardmore, Oklahoma and he like to visit them often with a stop in Albuquerque for fuel. The long flights gave me a lot of right set time. My father came to Arizona in 1946 as a Tuskegee Airmen for advanced gunnery training in the P- 51 Mustang at Luke Air Force Base and to test integration as an experiment. This was before President Truman Executive Order 9981 in July 1948 calling for equal treatment in the military services. I attended Cochise college aviation program in Douglas, AZ and receive my private pilot’s license at age 18 and commercial rating at 19. I have a degree in general business from Arizona State University. After ASU, I traveled to Atlanta to attend mortuary school than came back to work with the family funeral home business. I moved to Sacramento, California and work for the Small Business Administration, Prudential Financial Services and New Faze Land Development. Moved back to Arizona in 2012. Over the years our 1969 Bonanza 36 has been hangered at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Goodyear Airport, Sacramento Executive Airport, and currently Deer Valley Airport. I am semi- retired. I am divorced and have 2 sons ages 17 and 18. Both of my sons are on the autistic spectrum. Jeremiah attends Chaparral High School and Lincoln III attends Scottsdale Community College.

If elected to DVPA Board of Directors
1) I would like to help develop a better working relationship with the tower and DVPA.
2) Provide DVPA members with a current taxiway map with Ramp locations.
3) DVPA members receive advance notice of hangar inspections from Deer Valley Administration.
4) DVPA investigate if members are interested in having from time to time an area fly-ins to
Sedona, Springerville, Flagstaff or Show Low. (After the pandemic is over).
5) Help to maintain the good relationship with the Deer Valley Airport Administration Staff.
6) Recruit new members.


Paul Salmonson

I have been an Arizonan resident since 1983, moving here after graduation from Oregon State University. I married the love of my life (a Phoenix native) and raised two children in Cave Creek, AZ. I like to play sports, sail, motorcycling (dirt / street), and of course fly.

I first began flying with my father who taught me some basics at eleven years of age. My father was a
Captain with TWA for 37 years. He was a flying Sergeant for the Army Air Corps during WWII and
flew a C-47’s. He trained at Luke Air Force base and flew on D-day dropping paratroopers. I received my private pilots license in 1983 and have been flying on and off over the years (more off during the Great Recession). I have time in these single engine planes – C150 AeroBat, C172, C182RG, C210, C23, V35B, M20K231, PA38 Tomahawk, PA28-180, PA28R-201-T. In 2017, I acquired a 1/3 partnership in a Piper Turbo Arrow based at KDVT (hanger 35-09). I am instrument rated and have over 800 hours.